A few weeks ago, one of my co-contributors to Thought for the Month sent me an article from the Sunday Times, written by Matthew Syed (thank you David), he wondered if it could be used as a Thought for the Month. At first I thought yes, then I wasn’t sure, there’s no doubt it’s anRead more

Thought for the Month June 2022 Today’s thought is not the one I originally prepared (that will now be for another month). When I woke up this morning (Sunday) about to send the original to Gail for circulation, I felt moved to say something else. And so, a brief few thoughts for today. Back inRead more

Thought for the Month – May 2022   What do you do when it all gets too much? Living in this volatile world of ours can be tough, often having an abrasive and at times shattering effect upon both our physical and mental resilience that allows us to exist within it.  I can’t imagine anyoneRead more

Thought for the Month April 2022 Is Boris Godunov? One of the great musical experiences I had this year (no, it wasn’t on a Tuesday!) was to watch the opera Boris Godunov by the (improbably forenamed) Modest Mussorgsky, relayed from the Metropolitan Opera, New York. First performed complete in 1872, it tells the story ofRead more

Thought for the Month 6th March 2022 It’s said that one of the first casualties of War is truth and I think we have seen considerable evidence of that in recent weeks. What we believe is true is, to a large extent, influenced by what we are fed in the media – as witnessed byRead more

Thought for the month February 2022 I am a fair-weather cyclist. I hate getting wet. So I always look at all the weather apps to gauge the probability of rain. And then I take the most favourable. You can guess how many times I come home drenched. I wonder if we sometimes read the BibleRead more