Thought for the Week – Sunday 20th June 2021 Our Gospel narrative for today (Mark 4:35-41) places Jesus and His disciples in the heart of a great storm, one that puts great trepidation into the hearts of  seasoned fisherman and who whilst believing they are about to perish, see Jesus asleep on a cushion! WeRead more

Thought for the Week Sunday June 13th 2021 Draw the best out of others Do not use harmful words, but only helpful words, the kind that build up and provide what is needed, so that what you say will do good to those who hear you. (Ephesians 4:29 G.N.B.) When the Irish missionary Columba paidRead more

Thought for the Week Sunday June 6th 2021 Opening Prayer As we start our Sunday and a new week ahead let us bring to God all that we are – our hopes and worries, our joys and pains, the good things and the bad, trusting that God loves us and will protects us. Amen MarkRead more

Thought for the Week – 30th May 2021 Pentecost Part 2 So what does the Pentecost reading tell us about our response to the Holy Spirit? Well, I do not think it is an invitation to go around talking in tongues – and I know St. Paul would agree with me here. What strikes meRead more

Thought for the week – 23rd May 2021 Pentecost Did you watch the State Opening of Parliament this year? In spite of restrictions, it remained a day of splendour, ritual and mystique. It was easy to see what the Queen’s rôle was – the figure of authority, telling it like it is. Similarly Charles –Read more

Thought for the week – 16th May 2021 This week, the 7th Sunday after Easter, is also the Sunday after Ascension. Ascension will have been celebrated by many Christians last Thursday and I’ve been sharing some thoughts on this event with Joan, one of my co-contributors to Thought for the Week, and we both agreedRead more