Thought For the Month November 2021

Good Morning.

I hope this “Thought for the week “finds you well and reasonably happy, for those who aren’t feeling so great, I send my love and pray that things improve  and hope you feel brighter soon.

November is upon us and my TFTW focuses on All Saints Day, what does it mean and why do we celebrate it?

As you probably know All Saints Day is celebrated on 1st November, a day commemorating all the saints of the church both known and unknown who have gone to heaven. In some denominations it’s also to give thanks to those who have guided others to Jesus, like a friend or relative.

This is followed by All Soul’s Day on the 2nd of November where we remember and pray for all the departed souls. Some  countries have their own traditions for All Souls Day like Mexico, who celebrate “Día del los Muertos” or Day of the Dead. If you haven’t seen the Disney Pixar film “Coco”, (don’t groan,) you have missed a real treat, young and old!

On All Saints Day we remember those who have lived a holy life and we thank God that even those of us who are ordinary men and women, can be transformed to become extraordinary and make a difference to the lives of others and the world.

 We may not be saints or whiter than white, but human flawed Christians who struggle sometimes with our faith not knowing if God is listening or wondering if he has something in store for us. Maybe he has already steered us in some way that we may not have even realized, Jesus’ hand may be at work in your life at this very moment. Maybe he has plans on how you can be an evangelist and be the bearer of Christ’s light or maybe you are pondering on something and feel pulled in a certain way, is this Lord speaking to you?

We may think that saintliness is unobtainable to us lesser mortals but just think of Francis of Assisi. He had been described as physically unattractive as a youth possessing no particular gifts or aptitudes, but we all know that he grew up to achieve great things in the name of God.

 Of course, we don’t have to be a saint to do great things.

 In this country alone everyday Christian people have achieved much, for instance they first introduced schooling for children long before the government took over. It was ordinary Christians that first introduced hospitals and paid for them for the poor, long before the NHS. We think of prison reforms and the works of Elizabeth Fry who campaigned for better conditions for female prisoners, spending time with them and teaching skills to inmates. Not a saint in the real sense but certainly doing God’s work and to put up with the cold, stench and darkness is certainly saintliness in my eyes.

Years ago, stories of saints and their exraordinary lives would inspire youngsters to follow in their footsteps but times have changed.

After the “Age of “Reason” when the belief of science and logic gave man more knowledge than religion, the saints lost their sparkle and children looked instead to inventers and explorers. Then it was the turn of Hollywood stars, pop groups and footballers. Whilst there is nothing at all wrong with this, I myself am in awe of some of the scientific discoveries that man has made and as far as Pop Stars go, I thought T-Rex and Thin Lizzie were fantastic! Terrible though it sounds my husband Steve believes “Old Trafford is hallowed ground! But these things are transient.

Most of us will never become saints, or maybe wouldn’t wish to be, but we can still make a small difference. We can be everyday saints, sending out or showing in some way, God’s message, forgiving others and ourselves. Giving up our valuable time to help someone who may need us, loving and making sacrifices for the greater good.

I’m sure some of you do some if not most  of the above, but it’s important that , although we may not all be saints, wish to be , or even expect to be, thank goodness by doing acts of kindness we  can make a whole lot of difference to someone else’s life, perhaps making us all everyday saints.

As you carry on with your lives this month, give a thought for all those saints, martyrs and everyday saints that have sacrificed so much and done so graciously, making an  extraordinary difference to so many people , nations and the world.



Dear Lord

You have called us to be your followers,

Not knowing what you have in store for us or where it will lead.

Give us faith and courage to follow,

Knowing your hand is leading us and your love supporting us.

Thank you for the tremendous sacrifices made by those who have gone before us.

Bless them Lord and may we learn by their example how to listen and act when you call us.

Help us to grow with faith in continued worship, dedication, and love.