For this 1st Sunday in Lent we have a video presentation which you can see by clicking on the Read More tab. Lent is a season of new growth and the time when we reflect on Our Lord’s journey towards the cross and ultimately our salvation We hope you enjoy the presentation and it willSee the Video

Thought for the Week – Sunday 14th February 2021 LOVE, such a small but actually quite complex word don’t you think? Not sure? Perhaps try this then, LOVE is ………… What did you decide should be a fitting definition? Looking it up in the thesaurus made me realise just how many different meanings that wordRead more

Thought for the Week – Birth to Resurrection. 7th Feb. 2021 Well here we are Advent and Christmas now just a memory. In just over a week we’ll be at the beginning of Lent leading us up to Easter. In this short period between I’ve been thinking about these two festivals.   Both seasons are highlyRead more

Thought for the week January 31st 2021. The astonishing things about being a Christian To be a Christian is to be a philosopher. Strip away all the other aspects about going to church – the singing, the praise, the prayer, the scarecrows – and it comes down to this: we are seeking the answers toRead more

Thought for the Week 24th January 2021 The reading I‘ve chosen is from Paul writing to the church in Galatia. (Galatians Ch:1, v11 – v24) First Paul was called Saul and he was a keen Judaiser, but that was before he met Christ in a vision on the road to Damascus when Christ asked himRead more

Thought for the week: January 17th 2021 – New wine into old wine skins. I’d like to return to a theme we’ve visited before during this Pandemic time, looking at what we are doing, in preparation for the future, and what the bible can tell us. In the passage from the New Testament for this weekRead more