Thought for the Week – 22nd November 2020 (Feast day of Christ the King) AKA – Stir up Sunday This Sunday is a special one as it is the last Sunday in the church year. Next week we begin the new church year with the first of the four Sundays of Advent. It is anRead more

Thought for the week 15th Nov 2020 – With a nod to St. Gertrude (Feast Day of St Gertrude 16th Nov.) What is it about “Onward Christian Soldiers” that gets people, well, up in arms? I played it a few months ago at the end of a service where the priest had mentioned it, and theRead more

Though for the Week 8th November – Remembrance Day    Reading Isaiah 2 Vs 3-5 These words from Isaiah tell people of his day and also people of today how we should live a life of peace and a life of striving for peace. Remembrance Day is a day when we remember so many whoRead more

Thought for the week – A difficult subject 1st November   Well the clocks have gone back, the days are shorter, the weather is colder and the brightness of a warming summer fades away. Normally I don’t mind these seasonal changes because I counter them with comforting thoughts such as log fires, warming stews, bonfireRead more

    Thought for the week – 25th October Over the last few months, perhaps even more so in the last few days, the UK has been bombarded with information surrounding this latest Pandemic, with different regions receiving different advice and different rules. Whatever your beliefs are regarding that information (and the opinions are many andRead more

Thought for the week – A difficult subject – 18th October 2020          I hope that those who know me as someone who speaks about God in our world, have also come to know me as someone who is not afraid to find Him in the most difficult and sometimes darkest of topical challenges that weRead more