THOUGHT FOR THE WEEK – Freedom 5th July   In this last week or so we’ve either heard announcements of, or experienced, the lifting of restrictions in our lives, imposed due to Covid-19 (unless you live in Leicester). Some are going back to work, shops are beginning to open, there’s a slight easing of restriction inRead more

Cooksmill Green Congregational Church Church Anniversary 2020 This is a new and novel experience for me! Sitting down to write to a church that I was planning to attend. Facing a computer screen rather than the lovely fields around Cooksmill Green. I feel a little bit like St John must have felt in writing theRead more

THOUGHT FOR THE WEEK – Do Not Be Afraid 21st June 2020 From the moment we are born we are immersed into a world of fear, we experience it as part of our survival, we are taught authority and respect through it, we are often controlled by it, which means we cannot hide from it orRead more

THOUGHT FOR THE WEEK – Protest  14th June 2020   Our thoughts this week start I’m afraid on a rather serious note. They’ve been prompted by the events in America that have spilled over into the UK and other places. I don’t, however, want to consider those specific events, but rather the wider issues of violenceRead more

A THOUGHT FOR THE WEEK – Trinity Sunday 7th June 2020   The Trinity, what a mine field of opinion! This Three in One nature of God (Father Son and Holy Spirit) that we celebrate in the Christian faith is often hotly debated, and I fear it will continue to be so for some considerable time!Read more

A Penny for your Thoughts. 7th June 2020 “And the people stayed home, read books, listened, rested, and exercised. They made art, played games, learned new ways of being, and were still. And they listened more deeply. Some meditated, some prayed, some danced. Some met their shadows. People began to think differently.   And theRead more