THOUGHT FOR THE WEEK – We Are One 24th May 2020   When reading the lectionary for today I could not help but find comparisons between our upturned world and the one those original disciples found themselves in and the difficult journey that they have also endured in recent weeks. What wild swings of emotion theyRead more

THOUGHT FOR THE WEEK – The Unknown God 17th May 2020   Our thoughts this week are again based on the reading from Acts set for the week (Acts 17: 22-31). This is the account of the apostle Paul debating with the thinkers and philosophers of Athens in the Areopagus – an important place for debateRead more

A THOUGHT FOR THE WEEK – Rainbows 10th May 2020 Did anyone see the beautiful double rainbow last week? I don’t know about you but when I see a rainbow I always think of Noah and how God sent his rainbow as a covenant to his people, a sign of hope. Then I thought, like us,Read more

A presentation from Sunday’s Cool. The Cooksmill Sunday’s Cool kids have created their own ‘lockdown’ presentation, please take a look. Sunday’s Cool is suspended at the moment, we will let you know when it restarts. Click any image to enlarge. Hope you enjoy our Sunday’s Cool Presentation, we look forward to seeing you all when the Church re-opens at CooksmillView the presentation

A THOUGHT FOR THE WEEK – Cradle Roll 3rd May 2020   It‘s always a great privilege to welcome people into the family of God in Baptism – young and older – and it’s the same for us at Cooksmill Green. Most of our congregation will know much of what I’m about to write, but forRead more

A THOUGHT FOR THE WEEK – Why? 26th April 2020 Right at the beginning of the Covid-19 outbreak a question was asked, a question that has arisen for someone, somewhere, every minute of every day for Millennia. Why? I’ve often been asked that same question, and particularly in recent times. So I felt, at the veryRead more