Thought for the Month October 2021 “God doesn’t do fairness” I don’t often shout at our TV set, but hearing this, I could barely restrain my anger. It came in a programme about the murder of Rachel Nickell – her son, who at the age of 2 witnessed the attack and was also injured inRead more

Thought for the Month – September 2021 It would be hard I’m sure, not to have had some thoughts or point of view over the recent events surrounding the complete withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan, in particular the humanitarian tragedy that continues to unfold with it. You can debate in earnest as to the politicalRead more

I don’t know about you, but one of the things I missed most about having church services delivered by Zoom was the music. For all Tony’s sterling efforts for Roxwell, things just did not seem the same without it; it was similar at Cooksmill Green, where some lovely tracks were posted online, but with theRead more

Thought for the Week 18th July 2021  How Does Faith Help Me Cope? I cannot imagine that there is anybody reading this today who has not been affected in some way by the event that we now commonly call the Covid Pandemic. The last 15 months have challenged and altered all that we might regardRead more

Thought for the Week 11th July 2021 On Monday, in all the Old Vicarages and Rectories that haven’t already been sold off by the C of E, you will have heard nervous tinkling of teaspoon in saucer and barely suppressed groans as clergy in their parishes (how much longer will we be able to useRead more

Thought for the Week 4th July 2021 Reading Mark 6: 1-13 This week’s lectionary reading has two very distinct parts each of which is a big subject in its own right. Today I’d like to take a look at the second part ‘The mission of the twelve’ (verses 6b -13). This instruction from Jesus toRead more