Thought for the Week 24th January 2021 The reading I‘ve chosen is from Paul writing to the church in Galatia. (Galatians Ch:1, v11 – v24) First Paul was called Saul and he was a keen Judaiser, but that was before he met Christ in a vision on the road to Damascus when Christ asked himRead more

Thought for the week: January 17th 2021 – New wine into old wine skins. I’d like to return to a theme we’ve visited before during this Pandemic time, looking at what we are doing, in preparation for the future, and what the bible can tell us. In the passage from the New Testament for this weekRead more

Thought for the week January 10th 2021 The Baptism of the Lord Now when all the people had been baptized and while Jesus after his own baptism was at prayer, heaven opened and the Holy Spirit descended on him in the shape of a dove. And a voice came from heaven “You are my son,Read more

Happy New Year! It made me wonder as to how many times over the years, I have ritually exhorted this salutation to the incoming new year, offering it as a benevolent bequest of hope for all loved ones, friends and even strangers for something better than was had in the year passing. I also thenRead more

Though for the Week 8th November – Remembrance Day    Reading Isaiah 2 Vs 3-5 These words from Isaiah tell people of his day and also people of today how we should live a life of peace and a life of striving for peace. Remembrance Day is a day when we remember so many whoRead more

Thought for the week – A difficult subject 1st November   Well the clocks have gone back, the days are shorter, the weather is colder and the brightness of a warming summer fades away. Normally I don’t mind these seasonal changes because I counter them with comforting thoughts such as log fires, warming stews, bonfireRead more